7 day fast-track NLP coach training

The first level of NLP learning, the NLP practitioner certification, is designed for people to achieve higher level of human communication, understanding, drive and willingness towards future goals. These outcomes work in conjunction with Hypnosis, NLP coaching and Time Line Therapy®. We target the major areas of life ranging from career, relationships, family, health and fitness plus others. Whether this context is applied for your professional or personal life, the training equips you with a vast amount of strategies, skills and techniques for creating a successful and fulfilling life. The tools and skills learnt can be used instantly to improve social and professional environments since it is process based, not content.

What the tools and resources learnt will allow you to do

In your relationships and personal growth:

• Find the answers to what’s holding you back and move past them • The ability to communicate with types of people in an effective manner • The techniques to build rapid rapport with anyone you meet on a daily basis • Learn why it is you think the way you do and how you have been making decisions, with the ability to change the ones that don’t positively serve you forever more

In your career / business:

• Learn the tools needed to have behavioural flexibility with an ability to influence others towards outcomes you desire • The resources to be constantly inspired and driven along with inspiring those around you • The skills for a competitive edge over your competitors in sales • Language skills that allow you to get the results you desire easily and effortlessly Business NLP coaching can be geared towards specific workplace goals, both short term and long term.

Before the Course

In preparation for the course, students receive an audio listening and NLP practitioner tutorial guide. This introduction opens up your awareness to NLP before the course and introduces you to the world of coaching. Members of our results team will be in touch leading up to the course to discuss your goals and plans for which outcomes you will receive from the training. This will give a clear direction as to what you want from the training, so that we can guide and support you in creating these changes. Life coaching is now the fastest growing field of personal development in the world. The main reason for that is because of the immense benefit it brings to people’s lives. The 7 day fast-track NLP coach certification training is an opportunity to change the person you are into the person you’d like to be, improving your personal and business life. At the end of the 7 days you are accredited with 2 internationally acclaimed and recognised certifications. Sign up now and receive your pre-study

Bonus Material 1 X The Magic of NLP Demystified (book)
1 X Time Line Therapy® and the Basis of Personality (book)
1 X 20 MP3 Practitioner Audio Pre-Study (valued at 895)
1 X NLP Practitioner Manual

Payment Methods Credit Card, Direct Debit Form, PayPal, Payment Plan

Duration 7 Days

Costs: 4,400.00 (inc GST) (500 Deposit)

Payment Plan: Email for payment plan options

NLP Master Practitioner certification training

The second level of NLP learning, the NLP Master Practitioner level, incorporates the latest communications techniques, which include:

• Quantum linguists
• Individual values (why people think differently and how they do it)
• Discovery and retaining of the unconscious behavioural competence

A system called Meta Programs is now introduced which is the filters to our personality, the study of how we make decisions so we can choose the result we want. Meta Programs focuses on the four levels of thinking environment, structure, implementation and people; it provides answers through proven framework and into how people become successful. This model focuses and puts emphasis on establishing and maintaining the mindset necessary for success. The goes deeper into advanced NLP sub modalities, mediation skills, advanced strategies and advanced linguistic negotiation. Time Line Therapy® is again looked at the Master Practitioner Level, NLP master coaching techniques and principles as well as Master Hypnotist Certifications. During the course students themselves will undergo a full breakthrough which takes an average of between 5-7 hours per person per session. This full breakthrough allows for a complete transformation of your business, relationship or health.

NOTE: Prerequisites apply. Practitioner Certification in Time Line Therapy® required

Experiencing Quantum Love®

Whether you are single, in a relationship or freshly out of a relationship (divorce/break-up), this package will assist you to completely transform your perceptions and what you are attracting in the game of love. Learn to demystify the many different myths about relationships leading to heartbreak and heartache. Understand who you are attracting as a partner. Learn to communicate in your partner’s values, find your soul mate, and clean up past perceptions of hurt, resentment, anger and other negative associations with all current/previous partners. Learn the art of clearing old baggage and creating an even playing field of appreciation in relationships. In 2 days you will walk out feeling refreshed, cleansed and have a completely new paradigm in your perspective of relationship mastery.

Purpose & What Clients Can Expect
The purpose of this seminar is to work with singles and couples to teach universal laws and its application to relationships; regardless of age, sex or creed. Whether a client is in a relationship, starting, ending or not looking, this seminar explores not only intimate relationships but also the relationship dynamics between families, friends and one’s self. It is a true mastery of one’s perceptions and demystifying current relationship myths that lead to unrealistic expectations of one’s self/others and ultimately heartache. This is an opportunity to clean up past baggage from ex-partners and 100% dissolve all resentments and infatuations so that clients can stop bringing past baggage into new enlightening relationships.

Bonus Material
1 X The Relationship Equation Audio CD
1 X The Art of Communication Audio CD
1 X The Heart of Love Book
1 X Demartini Method For Groups Booklet®
1 X Experiencing Quantum Love® Manual

Target Audience
16 – 70 year olds looking to master the game of love and take their understanding as well as personal relationships to the next level.

Payment Methods
Credit Card, Direct Debit Form, PayPal, Payment Plan

2 Days


Mastering The Chronological Agenda®

Take your life to the next level and spend 3 immense days planning out your destiny in all 7 area’s of life (Physical, Financial, Mental, Vocational, Familial, Spiritual & Social). Learn how to accurately plan every aspect monthly and utilize advanced systems that keep track of your inspired goals. Dissolve fears that would normally prevent you from achieving success in minutes and hours, instead of years. Fast track the path to your desired destiny. Mastering The Chronological Agenda® delves into the perceptions/illusion of time (past memory and future imagination) presenting a methodology to master your perceptions in both, and transform your past and future so that everything you encounter can be transformed to being on the way and not in the way. This program is a revolutionary paradigm shift in the way you view, access and utilize your time on planet earth.

Purpose & What Clients Can Expect
The purpose of Mastering The Chronological Agenda® is to take a deep in-depth look at blockages from the past and perceived blockages of the future that clients may encounter. Teaching the skills, tools and resources necessary in order to completely dissolve fears and guilt, allowing clients to fast pace their road to success. Clients can expect to gain an in-depth understanding of universal laws, emotions, time and the effects of each on their psychology, biology and physiology due to their perceptions in space-time. They can also expect to gain clarity in their mission/purpose, the understanding of values and how they relate to living an enthused and inspirational life. Mastering The Chronological Agenda® is a challenge to expand your space-time horizons and search deep within one’s self for a journey that extends beyond their mortal body and into the realm of an immortal legacy.

Bonus Material
1 X Activating Genius Potential Audio CD’s
1 X Inspired Destiny Book

1 X The Values Factor Book
1 X Mastering The Chronological Agenda® Manual

Target Audience
16 – 70 year olds looking to spend 3 highly inspiring days away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to dedicate to themselves and really get focused on what they want to achieve and acquire in the 7 areas of life.

Payment Methods
Credit Card, Direct Debit Form, PayPal, Payment Plan

3 Days

(Single) : $1,650.00 (inc GST)
Payment Plan (Single) : $2,200.00 (inc GST) @ $183.33 per week repayments (12 repayments)
Up-Front (Couple) : $2,750.00 for couple
Payment Plan (Couple) : $3,300.00 (inc GST) @ $275.00 per week repayments (12 repayments)

Seminar Notes/Recommendations
It is highly recommended that students bring a laptop, as a digital version of seminar tasks will be made available for them.