Business Coaching

Monthly Business Coaching Package

Take your business to the next level with the Monthly Business Coaching Package in, a revolutionary approach to business and a mastery of your emotional states. If you are looking to maximize your results and really demolish the walls that prevent you from transforming your life and those of your clients, then this is the package for you. Understand and beat procrastination, find constant motivation, shine light on your grey areas, and systemize your life to truly produce the life you have dreamt of. Learn the balancing factors and tools that will allow you to gain full understanding, awareness, and mastery of your emotional states, stopping you from consistent self-sabotage. Study the influential science of values, increasing your understanding and communication between yourself, your loved ones, and your staff and clients and giving you vitality and an edge in life. Love what you do, and in turn do what you love

Expect to break through past limiting perceptions and learn about values, communicating using others’ values, psychology, physiology, feedback, and different methodologies to dissolving stress and perceived problems in life. This is an extremely powerful experience. Those that truly grasp the concepts being taught will completely change the direction of their life and business.

Advanced NLP sales training

Learn what the best in the game use to get high volume sales!  Take your Business to the next level with the right skill set to increase your profit margin.  Expert coaching tailored towards your industries needs to ensure that you and your staff have the tools and resources to take your business to the next level in sales.  Advanced NLP sales are an easy to follow step-by-step process in human behavioural science, that allows for your team to get the edge.  Learn how to elicit your client’s exact needs in order to assure that you give the highest level of service possible guaranteeing an increase in your sales, lasting business relationships and business profit margin.

Workforce stress release

The pressure and stresses of work today are seen throughout all levels of management.   With an overflow of information at our fingertips it is hard to not to be stressed out over certain things.  When unaddressed this affects work productivity along with personal life.  There are obviously a lot of different factors that attribute to stress, our Stress Management – Business coaching courses are designed to accommodate the busiest of schedules and ensure results, ranging from one-off trainings, weekly sessions or ongoing monthly stress release.  Learn the advanced skills, tools and resources that elite of the Business world use in order to maximize their results with minimal stress.

Company values alignment

Company Values Linking is seen now throughout some of the most successful companies worldwide, company values alignment is much like an advanced business strategy. The Values linking allows companies to maximize opportunities for innovation, growth and social impact at a large scale. The company values alignment works directly with aligning the career values of the employees to match those of the companies, ensuring that all employees remain motivated focused and driven maximising efficiency and productivity in the workplace. For those who need to find a Business coach in Melbourne or Dubai for this type of strengthening and realigning process, Results Based Coaching can provide an unparalleled experience. Much like any business strategy, values linking strategies are unique and tailored to an individual company.

Staff efficiency training

Improving productivity is essential to maximizing your businesses future prosperity. Businesses fluctuate in their growth prospects, ranging from rapid expansion to manageable consistent growth. Nonetheless the key to our staff efficiency training is to ensure that staff are continually improving allowing your company to a sustaining steady growth rate.

What can the business do to lift productivity and remain highly competitive?

Our Business coach training increases the performance of the individuals, groups and teams within the organisation, through the acquisition of new knowledge, skills and attitudes to carry out a specific task or activity of the job, tailored directly for the business.

With the rapidly evolving business world, management and staff need to coincide with change to remain relevant and competitive. Businesses and employees need to be consistently evaluated for productivity and efficiency so that their own capabilities can be assessed to see where improvement is required and where re-skilling is necessary.

If you need to find a business coach in Melbourne or Dubai who can work with the whole team from the top down, call us. Allow us to work with you today to maximise your staff productivity now.

Team Unification

The most highly effective and productive teams are those that are unified. Seen as the backbone and lifeblood of any company team, unification is imperative to a happy, effective and efficient workplace. Our results team will have your staff unified on the same page, which ultimately means working as the most efficient team.  Enquire today and allow Results Based Coaching to work with your staff members in order to teach them uniform tools/resources to improve performance in the workplace.

Target Audience

18 – 70 year olds who are dedicated to business and life mastery. Mastering their perceptions and cleaning up the many perceived illusions that they hold in their past and future (fears, resentments, infatuations, depressions, anxieties +more), allowing them to expand their awareness to a greater level of service in their business.


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