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Results Guaranteed 

The problem: For a long time personal development was reserved for only a select few, the elites of the world, CEO’s, major leaders so fourth.  They were the 1′s who regularly coached with new strategies and accountability to improve there mental state, finances and quality of life.  Now a coach is common like personal trainer everyone has 1 or is 1, the massive wave of coaches and crash courses in personal development, where people were able to get some type of qualification in a few days, this is not enough to be in charge of someone’s mental state and struggles.  So, when looking for a coach you were likely to get one that was a) couldn’t deliver, b) under qualified or c) even worse – both.

The solution: At RBC, we guarantee to provide our personal development members with the highest quality service from our peak performance coaches.  Our experts coaches have real world experience either changing their own mental states and/or clients.  The system we use has time and time again achieved the desired results.  Helping people move past the obstacles they’re facing and live life on their own terms! What we will do for you. The first thing is we will get you results. Period! Your results are our results so we ensure that you achieve your desired goals and outcomes.

Secondly, the system we use cuts out the crap allowing to make people’s lives easier because the methods we use are that effective! We get real world results with real world strategies and lifestyle practices so you will not only achieve your goals, you can keep getting those results for life moving forward.


This is what we have built our reputation on.  Effective, efficient, and passionate results driven coaching.  The foundation of our successful coaching programs are based on commitment and accountability.  You NEED to be committed to growth, improvement and change, thats why at RBC we ensure that no matter which stage of life you’re at or no matter which area of life you are looking to work with accountability and action taking is key.  Moving past perceived problems, implementing new strategies and accountability ensuring you are on track with set goals and outcomes.   We teach you this in a non intimidating environment, with our coaches and those passionate in assisting others.


Because if you aren’t producing the kinds of results you want to product you need to do something different. Everything that you have heard about mental states being the most important aspect when it comes to life transformation, is true.  That’s why at RBC we want to empower you to make the right decisions in life so that you can start living it on your terms.  This next level of RBC trainings is designed to help you thrive and excel in the areas of life that matter to you most.  A must do for those wanting to perform at the highest level and live a life of fulfilment.  The tailored trainings range from peak performance in communication, sales, relationship building, mindset, NLP and more.  They take you deeper in uncovering, working with and changing personal values, strategies and behaviours.  This hands on practical and powerful training will allow for major shifts in your life and allow you to do the same with others.   We want to set you up for success, kicking goals in all areas of life.


If you are unable to physically attend an RBC training we do offer an online program where you are still coached by us over an extended period of time.  Our online program allows for you to watch videos in your own time rather than by specific training hours, you are heavily supported via a membership site, emails and live weekly chats keeps you accountable.  We have a catalogue of success methods and beneficial videos to support you along the way as well as a weekly call from one of our coaches to make sure that you are hitting your goals.  This is perfect for those that aren’t near an RBC facility but still want that same support that our members get in club.